Thursday, 3 June 2010

Friday, 28 May 2010

Photos of Final IKEA products

This brief was to inspire people to a new change in their homes so my idea was to create an interactive mailshot where people could use stickers that show the new 2010 IKEA product range and place them in a blank room on laminated card so that people could create a new enviroment in their room. I used the objects from IKEA because that way if the user did want to purchase an item they can use the stickers to help them find it in the store with the help from the information provided on the back of the cards.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Furniture Drawings

The initial start was the drawings of furniture and utensils in the house. I wanted to use these to on to create a set of three posters and also a typeface using the IKEA colours yellow and dark blue.

Poster Development

Here is the design development for my posters, I have vectored the illustrations so I can use them in my posters. In my design for the posters I have concentrated on the image and also the strapline and layout of poster.

Idea Development

Here are some of the straplines I have come up with to use on the front of the mailshot, the strapline is important to go on front of the mail shot so that it gives an idea of what the mail shot is going to reveal.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Brain storm ideas for Ikea

So I thought about how I could promote IKEA in a fun way. My ideas ranged from Mail shots, Billboards, Flyers, Posters, Typography,  Transport advertising, Bus stops etc.

My first intial ideas from looking at previous IKEA adverts and large scale advertising and thinking about my interests. I thought about creating my own typeface for each section of the room that IKEA caters for and expanding this to create a set of prints, flyers and mailshots. I then thought this didnt really come away from what I have done already I wanted to do something other then just posters so I thought alot on the words 'creating a new change in people's homes' and how I could get this across.....

So what I thought was to create a promotional mail shot incorporating my own typeface that I wanted to make out of household furniture from each section of the room for example bedroom, living room, kitchen. My idea was to have one side my typographic image saying IKEA and then the other side a  picture of a blank room illustrated and next to it a sheet of stickers which shows items from each section of a room, the purpose of this is because this become an interactive fun piece where people can choose and restyle the room to what they would like, making a change.

The furniture pieces will be taken from the new IKEA catalogue so its promoting items from it including prices and the empty room will be illustrated and laminated so the stickers can be put on and taken off so they can be changed around easily.

I also thought about illustrating the furniture for each room so they became my own illustrations but then I thought how would the viewer be able to use these if they wanted to purchase them in the shop they wouldnt be realistic and wouldnt be able to go in and choose the items without seeing them properly so this is why I am going to use the furniture from the catalogue as stickers so they are realistic and the actual items.

The Brief